Custom 'Faux Wood' Doors


Copyright  © 2008-2013 Copilot Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.


Copyright  © 2008-2014 Copilot Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

For the 'wood' door look, at a very affordable price!

  The doors below are custom painted, traditional raised panel doors, with the
look of wood. This can be done to your steel raised panel garage door,
steel carriage garage door, front door, gates and more.

Custom faux wood doors done by Irina Pererva - Contact below

This is an example of one of our installed doors, custom painted by Irina. This is a standard raised panel steel door. Yes, this a STEEL garage door!

Another example of a standard STEEL raised panel door with window inserts with custom 'wood' finish.

Standard raised panel door with sunburst window inserts, done to match side gate, done by Irina. Again, this is a steel raised panel door, and matching wood finish metal gate.

Below is an entry door and frame with custom 'wood' finish. Irina can make your entry doors & garage doors a perfect match, as well as gates, and more.

Please contact Irina directly for more information and pricing:

By Irina Pererva


Custom art available upon request